About “Jurnal Sonny”

Jurnal Sonny is born as journal of contemplation from the experience I have. Even though it is just like a story-telling blog, it has a meaningful context for me. From telling my story, I record my history, and I use it as my contemplation to learn in the future. I don’t want my experience will disappear without any meaning. Because from learning from past experience, I believe it may strengthens me in my future life.

Furthermore, the story I have is the story we have. I wish my story can inspire others, become reference, and be beneficial for its informative content.

Above all of this, writing grows gratitude, writing recalls memory of happiness and sorrow, writing is therapeutic. May we always get blessed.

– January 19, 2019 –

About Me

Being born and raised by a simple family in Surakarta a.k.a Solo, a small city in Central Java, Indonesia, Sonny as a kid didn’t have many chances to travel. However, his parent fed him with bunch of books that eventually opened his horizon about the outside world.

His curiosity to know many diversities of world cultures continuously became bigger. Fortunately, in 2007 he had a precious opportunity to be International Student Coordinator in Sebelas Maret University in his hometown. His interaction with students from more than 50 countries gave him much more knowledge about the beauty and uniqueness of world cultures.

He also began to participate as committee of International festivals and conference including becoming the executive liaison officer for ministers from various countries during their visit in Indonesia. He was also ever responsible for prominent international artists whose having performance in Indonesia.

After 5 years working in that multicultural atmosphere, in 2012, Sonny moved to work in two-wheels automotive industry located in Jakarta which is now the biggest industry in its sector in the world as corporate communication person.

Living in capital city has tempted him to explore that melting pot. Even, he expands his exploration to many more places. With his hobby of writing and photography, he continues to share his story of travel, culture, and gastronomy through Instagram account named TravelMagzGO!. This identity eventually grows into a blog named Jurnal Sonny (www.jurnalsonny.com)

His writing and photos have led him to luck to meet 3 presidents of Indonesia in which the current President Joko Widodo has ever given him an honour to visit Presidential Palace. In 2017, this also helped him to win a scholarship in Japan to learn leadership and sustainable community design.