Soto Pak Timbul, Food only for Night Goers

After having a midnight prayer of Ramadan called as iktikaf in Masjid Agung Surakarta (the big mosque of Surakarta) around 1 a.m., I and my family decide to explore a midnight dinner experience in the city. My brother, Tio, recommends a food place that we haven’t tried before named Warung Soto Pak Timbul. He gets the information from his friend. Why not? Let’s try it! … Continue reading Soto Pak Timbul, Food only for Night Goers

A Cozy Night in Angkringan Gendoel

Couple weeks ago, I read in WhatsApp group that one of our college friends, Sasongko, openend a new restaurant. It’s always good to hear news about friends who open their own business. Thus, I definitely planned to have a visit when coming back to my hometown Surakarta (Solo City). The name is Angkringan Gendoel. Angkringan or wedangan refers to a traditional eating & drinking place … Continue reading A Cozy Night in Angkringan Gendoel

Membumi Bareng Soto Trisakti

Selain hobi berburu sate kambing, Mbah Kakung juga seorang penggemar soto. Beliau tahu banget soto-soto yang enak di Kota Solo. So, pas mudik lebaran 2017, aku minta Mbah Kakung buat kasih rekomendasi warung soto yang legendaris dan enak. Ternyata warung soto pertama yang direkomendasikan Mbah Kakung adalah Soto Trisaskti yang terletak di Jalan Kalilarangan No 61. Warung ini sudah berdiri sejak tahun 1962 dan dinamai … Continue reading Membumi Bareng Soto Trisakti