The New Look of Manahan Sport Stadium

I’m happy to know that Indonesia will be a host country for 2021 FIFA U-20 World Cup. There will be 10 sport stadiums prepared for that international occasion. One of that is Manahan Stadium located in my hometown, Surakarta (Solo City). Yeaay!! With the role as host city, I know both national and Surakarta government will have some efforts to manage and beautify the city … Continue reading The New Look of Manahan Sport Stadium

An Unique Pyramid -Like Mosque in the Center of Jakarta

I’m always curious to see the building created by an architect Ridwan Kamil. This Mayor of Bandung (edited : now Governor of West Java) is known as creative person making building beyond the regular pattern. I’ve visited some mosques designed by him and team including Al Irsyad Mosque in Bandung Barat, Al Azhar Mosque in Bekasi, Asmaul Husna Mosque in Tangerang, and 165 Mosque Jakarta. … Continue reading An Unique Pyramid -Like Mosque in the Center of Jakarta

City Refreshment from Flona

One of the best things when I still lived in Solo City was that I could really do my hobby of gardening. I found it interesting for my hands to get down to soil, dug it, and planted some little trees. Observing that the trees stayed alive and grew was another amusement from gardening hobby. Unfortunately, after moving to Jakarta, I don’t have really chance … Continue reading City Refreshment from Flona