Welcoming Jakarta MRT

Many people say “finally!”. Meanwhile many others post on their Instagram showing their excitement to be on MRT. Crowds are immediately flooded in almost those all new MRT stations. Well, it’s so natural to see this “mass hysteria” to welcome Jakarta MRT which has been waited for so long by this one of megacities in the world. With 10 million inhabitants in Jakarta itself or … Continue reading Welcoming Jakarta MRT

Kite Museum, More Than Just A Childhood Memory

My brother from Solo and cousins from Yogyakarta and Pemalang are coming to Jakarta. I’m so excited for showing them some authentic experiences in Jakarta. Therefore, I take a day leave from office on Monday to travel around the city with them. I also want to take them for experiencing public transportation here. Since I know Monday is a close schedule for museum, I don’t … Continue reading Kite Museum, More Than Just A Childhood Memory

Ramlie Musofa Mosque, A Little Taj Mahal in Jakarta

I’m so surprised to see this mosque which seems to “suddenly” appear. Actually, as a person working in North Jakarta, I often pass that Sunter southern lake area, but I never notice the building process of this mosque. Maybe because it’s located in the line of housing area, the building process seem unnoticeable by people passing by. In fact, it has been built since 2011.For … Continue reading Ramlie Musofa Mosque, A Little Taj Mahal in Jakarta

Kali Besar Kota Tua (Akhirnya) Bergaya

Setelah turut mengapresiasi perayaan Imlek 2019 di Glodok, rasanya belum cukup eksplorasi di hari itu. Malam itu aku memutuskan untuk melanjutkan perjalanan di Kota Tua. Sebenarnya tujuannya spesifik, ingin melihat Kali Besar yang kabarnya sudah mulai bergaya. Sejak dibuka beserta jalur pedestriannya pada 6 Juli 2018, aku belum sempat melihatnya langsung. Kali Besar adalah terusan yang mengalir sejajar dengan Sungai Ciliwung dan bermuara di Teluk … Continue reading Kali Besar Kota Tua (Akhirnya) Bergaya