An Evening in Gelora Bung Karno

Since Jakarta MRT delivers its service, it’s much more accessible for me to go to Gelora Bung Karno sport complex. I just drop at Istora Mandiri station and walk for 2 minutes to pass the main gate of the stadium. I recently have intense hobby of long walking. Thus, this place is one of favorite places to do it. It is spacious, comfortable, and the … Continue reading An Evening in Gelora Bung Karno

Same Bowls, Different Foods

Have you ever experienced something very difficult until you thought that you couldn’t pass it and almost gave up? But at the end, you could make it happy ending either by eventually finding a solution, or by finding inspiration to find another way out, or by getting hand from other to help you out. Or simply, the case just suddenly evaporated without you tok any … Continue reading Same Bowls, Different Foods

Soto Pak Timbul, Food only for Night Goers

After having a midnight prayer of Ramadan called as iktikaf in Masjid Agung Surakarta (the big mosque of Surakarta) around 1 a.m., I and my family decide to explore a midnight dinner experience in the city. My brother, Tio, recommends a food place that we haven’t tried before named Warung Soto Pak Timbul. He gets the information from his friend. Why not? Let’s try it! … Continue reading Soto Pak Timbul, Food only for Night Goers

Siti Aisyah, A Cube Mosque in Solo

A month ago, I came back to my hometown, Surakarta (Solo City) for a family’s wedding. When I passed Manahan area, I saw an interesting new building that I hadn’t seen before. Ya, I was sure it was mosque. Unfortunately, due to short time in this city, I didn’t get the chance for visiting that mosque.Now, for my Eid holiday in Surakarta, this mosque is … Continue reading Siti Aisyah, A Cube Mosque in Solo

A Cozy Night in Angkringan Gendoel

Couple weeks ago, I read in WhatsApp group that one of our college friends, Sasongko, openend a new restaurant. It’s always good to hear news about friends who open their own business. Thus, I definitely planned to have a visit when coming back to my hometown Surakarta (Solo City). The name is Angkringan Gendoel. Angkringan or wedangan refers to a traditional eating & drinking place … Continue reading A Cozy Night in Angkringan Gendoel

A Story from Jakarta Islamic Center Mosque

Right after I arrive in this mosque located in Koja North Jakarta, I’m easily mesmerised by its spacious area. Indeed, it is so large mosque complex. I can also figure out quickly how grandeur its design is. With the big dome, this Ottoman Turkish-architecture mosque can easily attract people who come here. Ottoman Turkish design itself appears from the big mosque building with spacious terrace/outdoor … Continue reading A Story from Jakarta Islamic Center Mosque

Super High in Tokyo Skytree

Visiting a megacity like Tokyo, I’m always tempted to see what “its most things”. Its biggest or tallest thing must be something impressive to see. In the first place, I actually plan to go to Tokyo Tower. Ya, I choose that tower simply because it is so popular and I don’t have knowledge about other skyscrapers or high towers that can be accessed by public. … Continue reading Super High in Tokyo Skytree