An Unique Pyramid -Like Mosque in the Center of Jakarta

I’m always curious to see the building created by an architect Ridwan Kamil. This Mayor of Bandung (edited : now Governor of West Java) is known as creative person making building beyond the regular pattern. I’ve visited some mosques designed by him and team including Al Irsyad Mosque in Bandung Barat, Al Azhar Mosque in Bekasi, Asmaul Husna Mosque in Tangerang, and 165 Mosque Jakarta. … Continue reading An Unique Pyramid -Like Mosque in the Center of Jakarta

City Refreshment from Flona

One of the best things when I still lived in Solo City was that I could really do my hobby of gardening. I found it interesting for my hands to get down to soil, dug it, and planted some little trees. Observing that the trees stayed alive and grew was another amusement from gardening hobby. Unfortunately, after moving to Jakarta, I don’t have really chance … Continue reading City Refreshment from Flona

Food Party in Gading Festival

Couple months ago, I and my office mates were looking for something for dinner around Kelapa Gading area. When we passed Pegangsaan Dua to go to Kelapa Gading, we accidentally found a new festive and spacious food court named Gading Festival there. We were surprised and excited at the same time for knowing a new place for dinner and hanging out. Without thinking any further, … Continue reading Food Party in Gading Festival

Friendship Mural of Jakarta and Berlin

I’m happy to know that Kendal tunnel, the area connecting Dukuh Atas MRT Station, Sudirman KRL Commuter Line Station, and BNI City Railink Station, has changed to be a car & motorcycle-free zone. Now it becomes more comfortable for people to walk from one station to another station. Its tunnel’s walls are also beautified by the murals and customized changing-colors lightning. When I passed there, … Continue reading Friendship Mural of Jakarta and Berlin

An Evening in Gelora Bung Karno

Since Jakarta MRT delivers its service, it’s much more accessible for me to go to Gelora Bung Karno sport complex. I just drop at Istora Mandiri station and walk for 2 minutes to pass the main gate of the stadium. I recently have intense hobby of long walking. Thus, this place is one of favorite places to do it. It is spacious, comfortable, and the … Continue reading An Evening in Gelora Bung Karno

Super High in Tokyo Skytree

Visiting a megacity like Tokyo, I’m always tempted to see what “its most things”. Its biggest or tallest thing must be something impressive to see. In the first place, I actually plan to go to Tokyo Tower. Ya, I choose that tower simply because it is so popular and I don’t have knowledge about other skyscrapers or high towers that can be accessed by public. … Continue reading Super High in Tokyo Skytree

Midnight with Asmaul Husna Mosque of Gading Serpong

At 3 in the morning, I just finish doing book hunting in 24 hours-Big Bad Wolf, an annual book festival in ICE BSD Tangerang. Since it’s soon gonna be a morning prayer that we call as Subuh, I finally decide to look for a mosque near the venue. I remember there is an unique mosque in the area that should be interesting to visit. Without … Continue reading Midnight with Asmaul Husna Mosque of Gading Serpong