Samurai Performance in Ennichisai Festival

Ennichisai Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Jakarta attended by hundred thousands of visitors annually. The festival commits to promote Japanese arts and foods to Indonesian audiences since 2010. It’s routinely conducted in Blok M, a huge shopping complex, South Jakarta. Even though it’s such a famous festival in my city and I love Japanese culture as well, unfortunately I often get … Continue reading Samurai Performance in Ennichisai Festival

Exploring the World of Wayang

Anytime I get confused about where to go to Jakarta, Kota Tua is always a helpful option for me. This Jakarta Old Town complex has a lot of attractions to see. Fatahillah Square, as the center of the complex, is surrounded by a couple of interesting museums to see, from Jakarta History Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, to Wayang Museum. This Time, I prefer … Continue reading Exploring the World of Wayang

Sketching Urban Indonesia

Another thing making me happy to stay in Jakarta is I can enjoy various art exhibitions which are done routinely by various institutions. I think this capital city accommodates well for artists for working and showcasing their artworks. Moreover, people get options too towards what arts from any forms and genres to enjoy. As it happens now, I’m excited to find post on Instagram about … Continue reading Sketching Urban Indonesia

Yayoi Kusama’s Art Exhibition

I knew about Yayoi Kusama for the first time when I was in Hong Kong last year. In Madame Tussauds Museum, I saw a wax sculpture of her figure on yellow-painted room with black polka dots on it. Her edgy look really attracted me. With red hair and outfit which is same to wall pattern, she must be an eccentric person, well..I mean interesting and … Continue reading Yayoi Kusama’s Art Exhibition

An Unique Pyramid -Like Mosque in the Center of Jakarta

I’m always curious to see the building created by an architect Ridwan Kamil. This Mayor of Bandung (edited : now Governor of West Java) is known as creative person making building beyond the regular pattern. I’ve visited some mosques designed by him and team including Al Irsyad Mosque in Bandung Barat, Al Azhar Mosque in Bekasi, Asmaul Husna Mosque in Tangerang, and 165 Mosque Jakarta. … Continue reading An Unique Pyramid -Like Mosque in the Center of Jakarta