Exploring the World of Wayang

Anytime I get confused about where to go to Jakarta, Kota Tua is always a helpful option for me. This Jakarta Old Town complex has a lot of attractions to see. Fatahillah Square, as the center of the complex, is surrounded by a couple of interesting museums to see, from Jakarta History Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, to Wayang Museum. This Time, I prefer … Continue reading Exploring the World of Wayang

Ria Rio : Hidden Reservoir in the City

People suddenly talked about Ria Rio reservoir since September 2013 after governor of Jakarta at that time, Joko Widodo, had the program to rejuvenate it. The massive publication about the reservoir located in Pedongkelan, Pulogadung, East Jakarta also raised its popularity especially because the rejuvenation had the purpose not only to return its function as water storage to prevent flood but also to make it … Continue reading Ria Rio : Hidden Reservoir in the City

Midnight Snacking at Kue Subuh Market

People say Jakarta is the city that never sleeps. In the time of people are dreaming at night, there are still many people who are busy with their activities. It’s not only about people partying in the club. In fact, there are many lively productive activities done at night in this city. One of the most obvious example is the hustle and bustle of people … Continue reading Midnight Snacking at Kue Subuh Market

Sketching Urban Indonesia

Another thing making me happy to stay in Jakarta is I can enjoy various art exhibitions which are done routinely by various institutions. I think this capital city accommodates well for artists for working and showcasing their artworks. Moreover, people get options too towards what arts from any forms and genres to enjoy. As it happens now, I’m excited to find post on Instagram about … Continue reading Sketching Urban Indonesia

Mini Dinner with Gultik

I’m so excited to bring my parent to explore Jakarta at night both to experience modern and authentic side of this city. Before they go home to Solo city the day after tomorrow, I go with them exploring city by MRT train. Of course, I want to show them, too about an authentic dinner that they haven’t experienced before. So we drop at Blok M … Continue reading Mini Dinner with Gultik

Feeling Vintage at Wisma Proklamasi

I’ve visited Proklamasi hospital third times and I always get confused about what to eat near that hospital. Thus, I’m so surprised when I find out a fancy classic restaurant named De Proklamasi (using building of Wisma Proklamasi) is located precisely just next to it. I just know it after figuring out from the google map while arranging a meeting in Menteng of Central Jakarta. … Continue reading Feeling Vintage at Wisma Proklamasi

Enjoying Affordable & Tasty Indian Foods in Nasi Kebuli Perwira

Feeling a bit dizzy, I need a spicy food with strong taste. Because I don’t want to go too far and to be too much explorative, I directly go to Nasi Kebuli Perwira, a street food place in North Bekasi which is so near to my place. This kind of a simple food car (instead of food truck) is so unique. It provides several Indian … Continue reading Enjoying Affordable & Tasty Indian Foods in Nasi Kebuli Perwira