Samurai Performance in Ennichisai Festival

Ennichisai Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Jakarta attended by hundred thousands of visitors annually. The festival commits to promote Japanese arts and foods to Indonesian audiences since 2010. It’s routinely conducted in Blok M, a huge shopping complex, South Jakarta.

Even though it’s such a famous festival in my city and I love Japanese culture as well, unfortunately I often get unmatched schedules to attend it. 2014 and 2019 festivals are the only Ennichisai I attend within 10 years of its implementation.

I’m happy to be able to attend Ennichisai Festival 2019 coincidentally because I just meet my college friend, Arif Mardiyanto who happens to stay in Hotel in Blok M after doing job interview in the city. It’s a really perfect timing, isn’t it!

One of interesting performances for me is a kind of Samurai show with sword fighting. The performance is done in one of the three stages. I’m interested in watching it since even when I still lived in Japan, I haven’t got any opportunity to see that kind of samurai performance; though there I have seen Ninja Show.

Unfortunately, I don’t catch the information about the name of the performer. I even can’t recognize which the name of group is from the list of performers posted on Ennichisai instagram.

I like that performance. It’s so classical as well as artistic. It performs fighting in beautiful manner.

June 22, 2019

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