Midnight Snacking at Kue Subuh Market

People say Jakarta is the city that never sleeps. In the time of people are dreaming at night, there are still many people who are busy with their activities. It’s not only about people partying in the club. In fact, there are many lively productive activities done at night in this city.

One of the most obvious example is the hustle and bustle of people in bus and train station. People from various cities in Indonesia come and leave in any hours. Moreover, the street food life also seems to never stop. You won’t get difficulty to find food at night. It’s not only about street foods which are on standby by setting tent on the side of street but also food peddlers who sell menu like nasi goreng and satay.

From couple friends, I get recommendation to visit Kue Subuh Market in Pasar Senen area if I want to explore Jakarta authentic night life. Kue literally means cake. Meanwhile Subuh means very-early-morning time. Thus, it’s a kind of market specifically sells cakes and various snacks in the middle of the night to morning.

I’m so excited to experience by myself visiting this place at 3 AM. I’m surprised by the crowd happens here. It’s simply just like afternoon market which there are many sellers and buyers.

In fact, tons of cakes and various size-bites snacks known as jajan pasar are available such as onde-onde (cake made from glutinous rice flour which is coated with sesame seeds), croquette, martabak (a kind of pan-fried bread), rissole, and many other types of pastel (pastry). It’s so heavenly colorful and tempting!

This place is not only for end buyers. In fact, there are many resellers buying the cakes to sell them in various spots in Jakarta. There are also some others who come for their snacking needs for their party. Its generally affordable prices definitely attracts customers to shop at this market.

The authenticity of this place gets stronger for my sense since I know that market has already been operating since 1988. Its location itself is in Pasar Senen which is in fact the area having oldest market in Jakarta. For additional information, Pasar Senen was famous in the past due to the existence of train and bus station there.

– January 16, 2016 –
Dari Rumah Bercerita which literally means telling story from home are series dedicated for people from anywhere who are encouraged to stay at home during this challenging situation. I want to share my traveling stories for you guys! I wish it can be inspiration for many people to explore when the condition will have been better.
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