Sketching Urban Indonesia

Another thing making me happy to stay in Jakarta is I can enjoy various art exhibitions which are done routinely by various institutions. I think this capital city accommodates well for artists for working and showcasing their artworks. Moreover, people get options too towards what arts from any forms and genres to enjoy.

As it happens now, I’m excited to find post on Instagram about Indonesian Sketch Festival, an exhibition of more than 600 sketches from more than 100 artists. It’s conducted from September 12 to October 12, 2019 at Indonesian National Gallery.

It gets more interesting for me since it brings theme of urban life. Those artists deliver their interpretation about urban life through sketches. They also deliver it through various perspective like social condition, lifestyle, culture, people’s economy perspective. From the story it brings, it proofs that work of art can be the sign of certain era.

I think is kinda first sketch exhibition that I attend. I’m impressed on the way how artists deliver their own approaches for showcasing their artworks. For example I can see sketches on paper to on cardboard and from the big until tiny size of sketches until visitors have to see them through magnifying glass.

The display arrangements are so varied, too. It’s arranged from regular tidy display to creative arrangement like in the form of irregular frame position and photo collage.

Overall, I feel so entertained to enjoy those art works. With various background of artists, I really appreciate on the way the deliver the urban Indonesia creatively with their own style and understanding.

– October 6, 2019 –
Dari Rumah Bercerita which literally means telling story from home are series dedicated for people from anywhere who are encouraged to stay at home during this challenging situation. I want to share my traveling stories for you guys! I wish it can be inspiration for many people to explore when the condition will have been better.
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