Feeling Vintage at Wisma Proklamasi

I’ve visited Proklamasi hospital third times and I always get confused about what to eat near that hospital. Thus, I’m so surprised when I find out a fancy classic restaurant named De Proklamasi (using building of Wisma Proklamasi) is located precisely just next to it. I just know it after figuring out from the google map while arranging a meeting in Menteng of Central Jakarta.

Proklamasi is named after the Indonesian Independence Day Declaration by President Soekarno and Vice President Hatta located in the area. Proklamasi itself in this context means independence day declaration. Thus, no wonder, there are places in this area using Proklamasi word like Proklamasi Park (the public space which was the place independence day declaration), Prokalamasi hospital (a hospital focusing on ENT), and Wisma Proklamasi or literally translated as House of Proklamasi (a classic building utilized as De Proklamasi restaurant).

Actually, I don’t know exactly whether there is a correlation between Wisma Proklamasi and history of Proklamasi itself. I haven’t found information yet about it both from internet sources and from the officers of the restaurant. However, the building itself is old and classic since it was built in 1936 bringing the colonial style. Thus, even though it’s not a very spacious building, it’s still interesting to admire from its architecture and interior design.

Interestingly, Wisma Proklamasi is at the same complex of Democratic Party Main Office. It somehow makes some people including me and couple friends unsure to enter the complex because they’re confused or they may feel wrong to enter party office; not to the restaurant especially because the signage of the restaurant is so small and not really seen from the main street.

I also heard from the officer there that the building is rented by Maluku Utara regent for restaurant. So, that’s no surprise for having Maluku menus along with other authentic Indonesian menus here.

Entering the building, I find it very interesting. The classic ambiance is strong. The front room beautifies its wall with classic Jakarta map and some old-black & white photos. It is also decorated itself by the indoor wall plants.

Walking to the next room, I feel more the classical grandeur touch from its furniture, paintings, and some ornaments. Ya, feeling so vintage here!

But don’t forget to order your foods. I really enjoy Indonesian food choices offered here from soto (kind of Indonesian soup), bihun goreng (fried vermicelli) to various fish and chicken food menus.

– January 14, 2020 –

Dari Rumah Bercerita which literally means telling story from home are series dedicated for people from anywhere who are encouraged to stay at home during this challenging situation. I want to share my traveling stories for you guys! I wish it can be inspiration for many people to explore when the condition will have been better.

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