Enjoying Affordable & Tasty Indian Foods in Nasi Kebuli Perwira

Feeling a bit dizzy, I need a spicy food with strong taste. Because I don’t want to go too far and to be too much explorative, I directly go to Nasi Kebuli Perwira, a street food place in North Bekasi which is so near to my place. This kind of a simple food car (instead of food truck) is so unique. It provides several Indian rice dishes with affordable prices which is bit rare to find in Jakarta. It sell Maraq, Sell, Masalla, and Tandori rice with options of meat of beef, mutton, and chicken.

It becomes more unique because the owner gets the secret authentic recipe from her Indian-Pakistan wife. In fact, his parent-in-law had started Indian food catering business back in 1980s in Surabaya.

He started this since 2009 soon after he  got retired. After 11 years, he’s still consistent to sell this kind of food and expands to a service for party or Islamic big day celebration with much more various Indian foods.

– March 6, 2020 –

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