Yayoi Kusama’s Art Exhibition

I knew about Yayoi Kusama for the first time when I was in Hong Kong last year. In Madame Tussauds Museum, I saw a wax sculpture of her figure on yellow-painted room with black polka dots on it. Her edgy look really attracted me. With red hair and outfit which is same to wall pattern, she must be an eccentric person, well..I mean interesting and creative person. I also loved the humble quote of her written on the wall “I am just another dot in the world”.
Therefore, when I knew there was exhibition of her art works in Macan Museum in West Jakarta, I was excited to come and to know more about her as artist as well as her art works. With title of “Life is the Heart of Rainbow, audiences could enjoy tons of her works which are mostly with -of course- polka dots ornament.

Ya, she has obsession towards dot. For contemporary artist born in 1929, dots resemble all the things in the universe. Dot can be sun, moon, earth, my life, or your life. In fact, Her works are also her way to transform her trauma & anxiety into the form of arts. Having under-pressured childhood time taught her to be complex but artistic at the same time.

I was impressed alot by her installation projects. “Infinity Mirrored Room” is an example on how she can create “a box of fantasy” by installing colorful lamps and mirrors in a small room. “My Eternal Soul” collection of her paintings definitely can’t be missed to see.

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