Experiencing Affordable Manadonese Foods in Bekasi

Another good thing to live in Greater Jakarta is we may experience to taste foods from various regions in Indonesia. One of them is food from Manado, North Sulawesi which I previously have not ever tried before when I lived in Solo city. Here, we may have Manadonese restaurant from high-end one to simple street food stall. So we may choose where to go based on our budget.

What I like from Manadonese foods is its generousity  in using spices producing strong and well mixed spicy, savory, and salty taste. This really fits to me. Thanks to my friend Bram who was born there who introduced me to rich and delicious Manadonese foods.

Today, I have breakfast in Cakalang Restaurant located in Boulevard Hijau street, Harapan Indah, North Bekasi. It offers various Manado foods like tinutuan porridge, cakalang fufu, woku, chikcen rica-rica, sambal dabu-dabu, to various European- influence cakes like bolu pandan and panada. This humble place definitely offers more affordable price than at fancy restaurant in center of Jakarta.  The taste of foods generally is also good, too. It’s a recommended choice when you miss Manado foods without spending too much money.

– January 26, 2020 –

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