Ndalem Padmosusastra : Igniting Javanese Culture Spirit

A month ago, I saw posts on Instagram from couple friends showing that they were attending a launching of Ndalem Padmosusastra. I saw it very interesting. It’s a real classic Javanese limasan house which easily reminds the atmosphere of Central Java in the past. I also saw it’s utilized as restaurant with village concept which sells classic Javanese food and beverages. Interestingly, I also saw Javanese traditional dance performance. For my end year holiday, Ndalem Padmosusastra is definitely put on my must-go places bucket list. The information about its status as official heritage site since 2014 excites me more to visit it.

Ndalem itself in Javanese means a house. Meanwhile, after looking for some information, I know that Padmosusastra was one of important men of letters from Solo (Surakarta). Thus, Ndalem Padmosusastra refers to House owned by Padmosusastra.

Many people including me unfortunately don’t know much about Padmosusastra even though he had a big role in the past. In fact, Padmosusastra (1843-1926) was the first journalist from Java who traveled abroad and reported politic and economic condition in Solo which made Solo was eventually known by the outside world. He was known as journalist having direct communication style without too much being symbolic in reporting something. He also ever had important position as head of Radya Pustaka Museum known as the second oldest museum in Indonesia. For me, his literacy and his valuable literature works definitely inspired Solonese people at that colonial era to be literate. He was at the level which was beyond common people at that era. Thus, many people considered him as guru.

For a tribute to his important role and history, Ndalem Padmosusastra which seems to be lost in this current era is rejuvenated. It’s expected to be a center of culture that can ignite the spirit of Javanese culture. It also becomes a media to preserve that old historical house for inspiring young people to appreciate more local tradition.

This holiday, I visit Ndalem Padmosusastra with my family. This area somehow has a melancholic sense for my family, too since we used to live near to it. My grandfather was so surprised with this place. This classic ambiance definitely brings him to his childhood memory. He likes it.

I am personally so impressed with this place. The old Javanese building, the old bike, the without-tiles floor, all ornaments, and all its simplicities bring us to the Javanese village in the past. The plants and trees which are spread irregularly strengthen the village neighbourhood feel. Those create serenity even though in fact it is located in the center of the city.

Another favorite thing from this place is its function to be an eating place, too. In the afternoon, it sells classic Javanese foods. Meanwhile, at night, it becomes a wedangan or angkringan, a classic style place for Javanese people to drink tea with family or friends with some lights foods. Mrs. Fafa, initiator of the new Ndalem Padmosusastra whom we meet there says that its function as eating place is just additional value. The main purpose is still to rejuvenate the house as a culture center to ignite Javanese culture spirit. What a thoughtful goal!

As additional information, when you come here, you may also use traditional outfits and all the properties here for free for you to take photos.

What an interesting lunch and moment to spend with family here. I hope there will be more historical places like this to be able to be preserved with a touch of creativity and innovation. Good luck for Ndalem Padmosusastra! Stay old and stay young at the same time 🙂

Ndalem Padmosusastra

Ronggowarsito Street No 153

Timuran, Banjarsari, Surakarta

Phone : +6281393843355

– December 29, 2019 –