Classic Lumpia from Solo with Memory

Just because we want to recall a family memory, this afternoon we go to Sami Luwes Department store located in Honggowongso street of Solo city; so near to a home we used to live. More than 20 years ago, we often shopped here not only because it was near but also its product prices were so affordable.At that time, we never used trolley during shopping. For economical reason, we just shopped little number of items, those who were very important for daily use. I remember, at those years with IDR 20k or around USD 1, our family had been able to get all important stuffs we needed like sugar, tea, oil, soap, and shampoo. Oh how simple and happy time was!It’s so satisfying for coming back here. Another purpose for coming here is not only for calling a shopping memory but also for buying lumpia. Hahaha, ya for buying lumpia, a kind of springroll. In fact it’s another memorable thing to do here. This food is yet so classic in Solo city.There are two simple stalls selling lumpia located right in front of Sami Luwes. My family don’t have certain stall to choose. We buy in the both stalls alternately.When I ate lumpia from here for the first time, I felt so strange. The taste wasn’t familiar to me. I felt weird to taste bamboo shoots. At that time, I didn’t enjoy them because in Solo city I commonly ate snacks with sweet basic tasteI also found that lumpia had both unique and strange presentation. That bamboo shoots were wrapped by certain spring roll skin. After lumpia was fried, the middle part of it was scratched to make a little slit. Therefore, the slit was filled by mashed garlic and maize starch which had been seasoned by palm sugar and salt. At then, it was served with cucumber pickles. Indeed, at that moment that combination of taste was so weird.However, after eating it couple times, I began to fall in love. Moreover, I considered it as my favorite traditional snack. I event didn’t know that actually lumpia has been a popular traditional snack since the 7th century from Semarang city, the capital of Central Java. It was an adaptation from a kind of Chinese snacks commonly known as popiah.After I ate original lumpia from Semarang when I visited that city, I found a little difference especially on its wrapper. I found the Solo city version has more softer wrapper. Meanwhile Semarang city version has crunchier wrapper.Lumpia from Semarang is often added with other filling such as dried shrimp. Thus, it tastier and richer taste. Furthermore, I found the lumpia from Solo city in general has smaller size. At last, from that explanation, I could conclude why lumpia from Solo city is more affordable than Semarang’s one.I love both version of lumpia from Solo and Semarang city. However, lumpia that I buy in front of Sami Luwes Department Store definitely has a certain story for me. It’s classic and memorable that makes me addicted to come back to eat it when I go back to Solo city.

– December 27, 2019 –

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