The New Look of Manahan Sport Stadium

I’m happy to know that Indonesia will be a host country for 2021 FIFA U-20 World Cup. There will be 10 sport stadiums prepared for that international occasion. One of that is Manahan Stadium located in my hometown, Surakarta (Solo City).

Yeaay!! With the role as host city, I know both national and Surakarta government will have some efforts to manage and beautify the city better. Ya, that’s gonna be so good for Surakarta and its people.

Reading news about Manahan sport stadium simply recall some memories from my childhood. I remember the day when my parent brought me to my grandparent’s house in Gremet, Manahan by motorcycle. We had to pass through the stadium before reaching that house. At that time, I felt like Manahan stadium was more like a fir forest than stadium itself. Ya, with its still early development, Manahan was full of fir old trees. There were also still less lightings there. Thus, passing that area at night might make you feel a little bit unsafe or maybe you felt a bit spooky ambiance.

Manahan sport stadium also reminds me the days when I was still junior high school student in SMP Negeri 1 Surakarta located next to the stadium. As the person who was not really good at sport, actually I didn’t really enjoy the moment to run around stadium. It was like a bit torture for me hahaha.

Morever, I felt a big chance to the development of Manahan sport stadium during the reign of City Mayor Joko Widodo (currently President of Indonesia). Stadium was standardised internationally. Parks around it were designed well. Street vendors were organised much more neatly, too. The new look of Manahan sport stadium resulted an opportunity for it to be the main venue during 2011 ASEAN Paragames.

After leaving Surakarta for about 7 years, I haven’t been back to visit this place. So, I think it’s a good choice to visit Manahan with my family during my short trip in this city. The news about the new look of it after renovation makes me more interesting to go there.

We go there in the afternoon around 3 PM. So the heat is good enough for walking around. I see many people come here to have some sports. That’s good to see this inspiring view in which people have awareness to exercise for their health sake :).

The new look of tribune definitely attracts the attention of the visitors. It’s covered by a golden lavish crown-like shape. Uniquely, it applies one of traditional batik clothing pattern named kawung.

Kawung which means palm sugar fruit on this motive is arranged geometrically. Kawung popularly known for royal family’s favorite motive has a specific philosophical meaning. It means perfection and purity. Some people also say that it means something that is expexted to unite and give benefit to many people.

I’m more amazed to know that kawung motive is also applied on the seats on main stadium. The seats are painted colourfully so if those are seen from a distance or from up above, those create beautiful giant kawung motive.

Furthermore, when I walk around here, I see there are also other renovation processes, from walking path to park renovation. I can’t wait Manahan sport stadium completely to be ready with its new look with better facilities to welcome people from around the world in 2021 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

– October 26, 2019 –