Coming Back to the Legendary Warung Soto Ledokan

Before going back to Jakarta from Surakarta (Solo City) on a road trip with couple friends, we decide to have an authentic breakfast in the city. After having a little discussion, we agree to go to the legendary food stall named “Warung Soto Spesial Daging Sapi Ledokan”.

It’s located in a very strategic place in Kartasura area of Sukoharjo. It’s just talking some steps of walking from the iconic Kartasura Monument Roundabout. It opens daily from 6 AM to 7 PM.

Actually, in the first place I thought that I haven’t been to the food place located in Ahmad Yani street No 3. However, when I arrive here, I suddenly remember a memory.

Ya, today is the first time I come back here since the last time I was here when I was still an elemantary school student. My grandfather took me by bus to go to this food stall located in Kartasura. In fact, this place has been selling soto daging sapi, kind of Indonesian beef soup, since 1954.

The atmosphere is so vintage. I think there’s no much renovation to this place. The decoration seems so old. However, this atmosphere strengthens the authenticity of classical food place from the past.

For me, the taste is so classic, too. I feel like eating at grandma’s home. The spices is not that strong, but I can really feel the original savory beef broth. For the size, you may choose the small or regular bowl. You may also choose to have rice being mixed with soup on the same bowl or to have them seperatedly.

The name of ledokan itself refers to a Javanese word for an unique position of the place which is lower than the main road in front of it.

It is such a nice time to have lunch before going home to Jakarta in place bringing childhood memory.

– November 10, 2019 –

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