Nasi Telor Pimen: When Simplicity Serves Its Best

Even though I’m a food lover of menus with strong spices or extravagant look, I basically still love super simple food, especially for my breakfast. When I was kid, I found a pleasure for eating with only rice and fried tempeh or sunny side up egg.. and yaa, I still like it until now.

Therefore, I’m interested in knowing that the simple menu of rice (nasi) and egg (telur/telor) recently becomes such a hit. People talk about it alot. Social media especially YouTube plays big roles for its current elevating popularity. Even though Nasi Telor has been everywhere before, it becomes more than a common food now. It’s a new trend as now many people open specific restaurant/food stall just to sell this one menu.

I heard from couple friends that Nasi Telor in this context is more on Pontianak of West Borneo classical style. So, egg is fried with minced garlic, with salty soy souce, little sweet soy sauce, with no additional powder salt and MSG product. It’s bit different to Javanese style fried egg which simply use powder salt and sometimes with MSG product.

Even though the menu its recently on its popularity, I haven’t tried by myself until I see a simple food stall, just around 3 minutes walk from Bekasi train station, selling Nasi Telor. The name is Nasi Telor Pimen. I come here a week after it heats its pan for the first time.

There are only two simple choices of egg presentation. The first one is rice with sunny side up egg. Here, we call it telur mata sapi/telur ceplok. Telur mata sapi means the eye of the cow hahaha. Secondly, the menu is rice with omelette. We call omelette here telur dadar. However, if you want to have combo sensation, you may order rice with both telur mata sapi amd telur dadar. Egg and rice are served with spicy sambal (chilli condiment).

I really love its taste. Fried egg taste is properly good. Spicy sambal is definitely an added value. Nasi Telor Pimen can deliver simplicity on its best. With the friendly service, I think costumers feel comfortable too. How about the price? It’s generally so affordable. For combo menu, people only need to spend around 1 USD. So, if it’s only rice with one egg, definitely it’s cheaper.

Nasi Telor Pimen opens daily from 4 pm to 11 pm. It’s precisely located in Perjuangan Street, Marga Mulya, North Bekasi; just next to tire shop Planet Ban.

So after tiring day at the office plus the stress from super crowded train to drop in Bekasi, before you go home, you may try to have dinner here. Probably simplicity can give a little joy for your night.

– October 13, 2019 –

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