An Unique Pyramid -Like Mosque in the Center of Jakarta

I’m always curious to see the building created by an architect Ridwan Kamil. This Mayor of Bandung (edited : now Governor of West Java) is known as creative person making building beyond the regular pattern. I’ve visited some mosques designed by him and team including Al Irsyad Mosque in Bandung Barat, Al Azhar Mosque in Bekasi, Asmaul Husna Mosque in Tangerang, and 165 Mosque Jakarta. Those really impress me especially on how he can manage to make mosque without its common structure which is dome. Thus, I’m always interested in allocating time for seeing his work especially the mosque one.

After browsing on internet, I find a mosque that I never expect to be in Jakarta. From the image I see, I find that the mosque named Masjid Jamie Darussalam in Kebon Melati, Central Jakarta so unique. It looks like a pyramid and it doesn’t have any dome. I also read that the mosque inaugurated in 2015 was controversial in the first place because its unsual shape. However, the controversy didn’t go too far since Ridwan Kamil could explain that triangle-roof shape was actually more typical to Indonesian tropical style as found in classic houses in this country.

I even get more surprised that the location of the mosque is just so near to the popular icon like Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Bundaran HI) and UOB Plaza; and only 300 meters away from Grand Indonesia mall. So, I can walk from the mall to the mosque. To go to the mosque, I have to pass through small aisle with crowded housing area. I’m amazed to know this beautiful mosque, even though located in the city center, seems like hidden and people need a little bit effort to find it.

Entering the mosque, I’m directed to ablution room at the first floor. This room is functioned as place to do wudhu, a practise before praying to clean ourselves. Therefore, I go to the second floor and I’m so captivated. Even though I’ve seen its image from the Internet, I’m still so impressed when seeing by myself.

The first impression definitely comes from its unsual triangle shape. Secondly, the interior composition is just simply beautiful. The calligraphy attached on the roof with lightning around it makes the ambiance so different. I try to turn on the light by myself when the sky gets darker and I find this so beautiful to see the calligraphy becomes glowing.

This 500 meters² mosque is yet not that touristy. Thus, it’s so comfortable for people to pray here in silence, read qoran which is provided here too, or just to stay relax.

I feel a peace here and I feel convenient to stay longer here. Hopefully, I can find more mosques which are not just functional as place to pray but also as result of creative art expression.

– April 1, 2017 –

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