City Refreshment from Flona

One of the best things when I still lived in Solo City was that I could really do my hobby of gardening. I found it interesting for my hands to get down to soil, dug it, and planted some little trees. Observing that the trees stayed alive and grew was another amusement from gardening hobby.

Unfortunately, after moving to Jakarta, I don’t have really chance to do this hobby due to time and of course land availability 😄. However, I still really enjoy about plantation issue. Not only because it relates to my job in CSR department, but also it is interesting to see. I’m so happy when a city really takes care its area by developing green zones. In fact, it’s beneficial not only in the form of better air, but also city beautification. I hope it’s not that much to say this, but above all of this, seeing trees for me is a kind of peace.

Thus, knowing Flona 2019, an annual temporary public market selling flora and fauna in Jakarta, starts, I feel like I have to go especially because I think I should have a break from hectic recent weeks.Surprisingly, it’s just my second Flona after visiting it for the first time in 2014. Where was I? I supposed to be here many times, didn’t I?! Especially because it relates to my hobby of gardening. But, well yeah, maybe I was a little busy at that time haha.

Well, this free-entrance event itself actually has been a famous Jakarta’s annual event. See, it has started since 1971!! It’s regularly conducted as a month temporary market by Forestry Service of Jakarta. Even though this festival has plants and animal to show, however, to be honest, I just keep going around in flora section. I feel a bit not comfortable around animal section because I simply just feel sorry for those animals whom I assume they don’t feel convenient to be watched, put in small cage, and not to mention the aggressive visitors who touch too excitedly to them. It’s my only opinion though.

This year, Flona is situated in Lapangan Banteng of Central Jakarta, just like in previous years. I take commuter line train (KRL) and stop at Juanda station. I need to walk around 15-20 minutes to reach Lapangan Banteng.I purposely choose to come here in the evening for having different atmosphere from my past experience which I came in the afternoon. It’s definitely an unique experience since I feel like doing evening traveling in a huge decorated park in the city center with many kinds of trees and flowers. It totally gives different sensation.

As I read, there are more than 140 sellers participated in this event this year. They not only come from Jakarta but also from many other cities. Surprisingly, I meet couple sellers from my hometown Solo city. The price of trees are varied from around one to thousands USD. Visitors definitely may choose to buy base on their interest and budget.Visitors may choose to buy small trees with simple shape to accommodate small land availability to fruit trees that potentially grow so big. There are also many choices of aesthetic bonsai, hanging plants, to cactus. They can also buy fruits and fresh juice, too. Ya, those are so complete!!

What I also like in Flona is that each cities in Jakarta province participate in making park display which represents their area. They are Central Jakarta, North Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, and Thousand Islands. I’m excited to know how they really serious in making it.Thousand Island brings the beach sand representing its nuance as beach tourism destination. South Jakarta which is known as fancy part of Jakarta brings concept of youthful fancy park, too. The park is designed as instagrammable as possible. Meanwhile, East Jakarta comes by bringing LRT-like room for promoting LRT as new public transportation in the city.

Moreover, I feel also happy to see the crowd of people coming. They seem to really enjoy this outdoor event. As I believe, trees are delighting. I hope from Flona people will have more awarenes from the importance of trees in life ☺️.

– September 21, 2019 –

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