Food Party in Gading Festival

Couple months ago, I and my office mates were looking for something for dinner around Kelapa Gading area. When we passed Pegangsaan Dua to go to Kelapa Gading, we accidentally found a new festive and spacious food court named Gading Festival there. We were surprised and excited at the same time for knowing a new place for dinner and hanging out. Without thinking any further, we decided to eat there and it was a good experience.

Tonight, I decide to go there again and invite couple friends to have dinner together. I see the place is much more crowded than before. However, the eating area and parking area is so spacious. Thus, it’s still comfortable anyway. People can enjoy the foods not only by sitting on the chairs provided, but also by having lesehan style (sitting on the floor) on green artificial grass.

For me, there are two interesting things from this place. The first is the view. It has lake on its edge as nice view while eating. The lake is also decorated with colorful jellyfish-like lanterns. Those are more attractive to be seen at night. The Second interesting is definitely a bunch choices of foods. It has more than 100 food stalls with diverse food and beverage type and range of prices. It’s like a food party! However, for Muslim visitors, they have to pay attention more to figure out which foods which are not halal (foods which are based on Islamic rule are not eligible to eat).

Basically, here you can find most of popular foods you know; such as seafood, fried chicken, many kinds of noodle, many kind of soup, and many kinds of snacks.

Tonight, I look for something authentic and spicy but it has to be generally affordable too hahaha. After observing most of the food stalls, I decide to order Nasi Bali, a typical a Balinese white rice menu with some dishes which are mostly spicy. I choose the menu which costs IDR 30,000 or around USD 2. It contains rice, 2 kinds of side dish, and free sambal (chilli condiment).

I’m so addicted to sambal and definitely sambal gains my appetite to eat. From various choices of sambal, I take my favorite one, the spicy sambal bawang (a simple sambal with composition only of mashed chilli, garlic, and salt) and sambal matah (sambal with slices of chilli, shallots, lemongrass, lime leaves, and added by a lime water. Oh, I’m so happy with my dinner tonight.

Here, you can also enjoy band performance, take some photos in colorful lightning tunnel, or have fun in children playground, lampion park, and farm house.

Gading Festival opens daily from 3 pm to 12 am (Monday to Thursday) and from 3 pm to 2 am (Friday to Sunday).

– September 14, 2019 –

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