Hey Jakarta LRT, Welcome to the Squad!

Indonesian people especially those who live in Jakarta are just on the hype of welcoming Jakarta MRT. People so excitedly report their first experience using that public transportation through the social media. It is like an “epiphany” on the situation when Jakarta has traffic jam most of the time at many areas. Even though, it hasn’t covered many areas yet in Jakarta, people are so positive in welcoming this. I was excited as well to enjoy Jakarta MRT and I have already posted my story and photos in this blog.

Moreover, when Jakarta MRT are still on its hype, then people are pleased more. Wow! As I saw on Instagram, LRT Jakarta opened its free trial for public. People just needed to register by email. Of course, I immediately registered for it.

Ya, finally LRT Jakarta has started. I am so happy to know it in which now people wil more options to use public transportation in this megacity. It will become public transportation hero to accompany TransJakarta (bus rapid transit system), KRL Commuter Line (commuter rail system), and MRT So, Hey LRT Jakarta, welcome to the squad!!!

Actually, we’ve heard about LRT Jakarta couple years ago especially about the plan that it would be expected as one of transportation devices during Asian Games in August 2018 in Jakarta. Unfortunately, until Asian Games started, it hadn’t been yet ready. However, though it hadn’t been completely finished yet, some people had already been able to experience it for trial in August 2018, March 2019, and June 2019. The June trial is one with massive promotion on social media.

In this first phase of LRT development, it has the length of 5,8 km by passing 6 stations which are Pegangsaan Dua, Boulevard Utara, Boulevard Selatan, Pulomas, Equastrian, and Velodrom. The future development is so fascinating for me since it will cover not only Jakarta province but it will be connected to West Java and Banten Province. It has planned to be named as Greater Jakarta LRT or Jabodebek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi) LRT.

Back to my first experience in using Jakarta LRT, overall I get a nice moment to remember. Both station and train are clean and comfortable. I see many people come so excitedly just like tourists who came in an interesting touristy area. They take picture and create Instagram story. They don’t leave station as soon as possible after they arrive. I know they really enjoy this moment.

– June 15, 2019 –

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