Same Bowls, Different Foods

Have you ever experienced something very difficult until you thought that you couldn’t pass it and almost gave up? But at the end, you could make it happy ending either by eventually finding a solution, or by finding inspiration to find another way out, or by getting hand from other to help you out. Or simply, the case just suddenly evaporated without you tok any effort.

Let me make an analogy that problem is a bowl and food on it is a solution. Sometimes, when you are too hungry but can’t afford any food, you may give up and prefer not to eat, let the bowl empty, until you die. Or you are just being creative by making foods by simple ingredients even though it may not be delicious and doesn’t look good on bowl. Or you may ask someone else to give food on your bowl. Ya, the problem is the same, but the execution can be so much different from one to another.

From the experiences of many people I know, those who mostly survive are those who can fight to fill the bowl with the food and continue living. It’s not neccessary for food to be tasty, or to look lavish, or to make you completely full. At least, you put your mind, heart, and effort in the first place to survive to continue life. When you finally become able to fill your own bowl by your own effort, you will feel happy whatever result at the end.

Furthermore, by doing that you actually have exercised for having food better on your bowl in the future. By starting, you will know what to add to make it more delicious. By starting, you will be undeniably encouraged to find other ingredients to make your food which fit you more. By starting, you will be encouraged to be creative. By starting, you will be pushed to be proactive to add food to make you more full and not to be weak because of still being hungry. By starting, you will know you can continue living to another stage, better than your previous condition.

So give your best magic for your bowl to make your most fantastic food! So give your best to solve your problem by at least starting to do something than giving up and find your most fantastic solution at the end.

– Jakarta, August 25th, 2019 –

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