Soto Pak Timbul, Food only for Night Goers

After having a midnight prayer of Ramadan called as iktikaf in Masjid Agung Surakarta (the big mosque of Surakarta) around 1 a.m., I and my family decide to explore a midnight dinner experience in the city. My brother, Tio, recommends a food place that we haven’t tried before named Warung Soto Pak Timbul. He gets the information from his friend. Why not? Let’s try it!So after taking only 10 minutes by car, we finally arrive in the place located in Honggowongso street, Pasar Kembang (flower market) area, in front of school SMA Al Islam 1 Surakarta. We’re so surprised. It’s already so late, but atmosphere it’s so lively. So many people come to eat like us even though it is midnight already.Surprisingly, this food is really for night goers since it is opened from 00:00 until morning. It only sells soto, a traditional Indonesian style of soup. Here, it is mainly composed of broth, slices of organic chicken meat, slices of cabbage, and bean sprouts. It looks yellowish from the turmeric seasoning, too. Soto is eaten with rice. The taste is good and feel so traditionally homemade.Another fascinating thing to see here is the endless process of making tempe mendoan (a kind of fried tempeh that is made from thin tempeh and covered with flour). I mention the word endless here because I literally see continuous tempe mendoan cooking since the buyers keep coming and taking them. Definitely, tempe mendoan is favorite side dish here.Other side dishes people can find here are various kind of crackers and chicken offal satays. Morever, for me, the price itself is generally affordable for Solo people.

– June 3, 2019 –

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