Siti Aisyah, A Cube Mosque in Solo

A month ago, I came back to my hometown, Surakarta (Solo City) for a family’s wedding. When I passed Manahan area, I saw an interesting new building that I hadn’t seen before. Ya, I was sure it was mosque. Unfortunately, due to short time in this city, I didn’t get the chance for visiting that mosque.Now, for my Eid holiday in Surakarta, this mosque is definitely a priority place to visit. The shape undeniably easily attracts the attention. It has a cube shape which is not a typical architecture for mosque in Indonesia including Solo. It also doesn’t have any dome that makes it more unique. Thus, people here call it as Masjid Kotak (Cube Mosque). Its main shape somehow reminds me to Al Irsyad Satya Mosque Satya in Padalarang (I’ve posted about it in this blog, too) and Al Azhar Mosque in Bekasi.Located in a very strategic location in the city, just in the back side of Manahan Sport Stadium, one of the biggest sport stadiums in Indonesia, this mosque is also easy to access. The mosque is also surrounded by many stalls selling traditional foods which have been already existing long time before mosque is built.I come here with my grandpa and my brother. We really enjoy the lavish architecture here. It has big door made from wood with traditional Javanese motive called batik truntum. It also has golden arabic calligraphies which are applied on its wall and ceiling. The red carpet and marbles for wall and floor also elevate the luxurious ambiance at the mosque.The mosque iniated by a businessman Setiyo Joko Santoso was just opened in 2019. Thus, it is a first Ramadan for this mosque. Even though, it is still new, many people already come here to pray in Ramadan here. Even, everyday there are hundred packages of foods are provided for iftar (breaking-fast food).

– June 1, 2019 –

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