A Cozy Night in Angkringan Gendoel

Couple weeks ago, I read in WhatsApp group that one of our college friends, Sasongko, openend a new restaurant. It’s always good to hear news about friends who open their own business. Thus, I definitely planned to have a visit when coming back to my hometown Surakarta (Solo City).

The name is Angkringan Gendoel. Angkringan or wedangan refers to a traditional eating & drinking place in Java. It can be in the form of simple street food with cart style to fancy cafe/restaurant one. Meanwhile, gendoel is Javanese language for bottle. Ya, this place is uniquely designed with installation of bottles as its identity. Every other corner is also creatively designed so that it is so instagrammable for people to take pictures here.

In the second day in Solo, I and my brother Tio go there for late dinner. We come at 11 pm which is its hour for last order. The restaurant itself is closed at 12 pm. Meanwhile, its opening time is at 4.30 pm. I’m immediately impressed by its ambience so I don’t wait any longer to take some photos.

For the foods and drinks are so interesting, so traditional, just like other angkringan/wedangan places. We can find menu like various kinds of tempe and tofu, meatball satay, quail egg satay, chicken intestine satay, snail satay, chicken skin satay, and so many others. We can take and eat them directly or we can wait them for some minutes to be roasted and added by sweet or spicy seasoning. I definitely choose the foods to be roasted and seasoned more to give stronger flavours to enjoy. Another interesting part for me is the price is generally affordable for people in Solo

I also take my favourite dish named nasi bandeng a.k.a nasi kucing. It is a kind of small portion rice with little slice of milkfish meat and sambal (chilli condiment). Typically, it is wrapped in banana leaf. Here, it is provided directly on plate without wrapping with bigger portion of rice. For drink, I pick ginger water with rock sugar delivered on gelas blirik, a kind of classical iron sheeting glass, which makes the drink looks more enjoyable to drink

Overall, I get nice experience in Angkringan Gendoel. For those who want to come here, too, here is the address :

Angkringan Gendoel

Jalan Slamet Riyadi No. 168

Kopen, Ngadirejo, Kartasura, Sukoharjo. (close every Tuesday)

– May 30, 2019 –

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