Super High in Tokyo Skytree

Visiting a megacity like Tokyo, I’m always tempted to see what “its most things”. Its biggest or tallest thing must be something impressive to see.

In the first place, I actually plan to go to Tokyo Tower. Ya, I choose that tower simply because it is so popular and I don’t have knowledge about other skyscrapers or high towers that can be accessed by public. Luckily, my college friend, Kiki who now lives in Tokyo gives such a nice another option. She recommends me to go to Tokyo Skytree which is almost twice as high as Tokyo Tower. So, I think Tokyo Skytree definitely is a good choice to explore.

Being world’s tallest broadcasting tower and second tallest structure after Burj Khalifa, this icon is not only functioned for broadcasting purpose but also as tourism spot. People can enjoy authentic experience of sky and city observation. This place also provides restaurants, coffee shops, and merchandises shops for visitors.

This neofuturistic-pagoda style has height of 634 metres. Uniquely, this number represents Musashi (6 for mu, 3 for sa, 4 for shi). Mushasi is the old name of area where Tokyo Skytree is built.

In this post, I have photos of Tokyo Skytree from a distance. I take them from Tokyo University. Meanwhile, when I am in the tower, I mostly take the view of Tokyo which looks so powerful with its bunch of high-rise buildings. Another unique experience in this tower is walking on transparent glass tiles. While walking, I can see the bottom of the building. It’s so fun! In fact, I see many people can’t walk over it since they’re nervous and their feet are shaken and can’t move.

– October 28, 2017 –

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