Midnight with Asmaul Husna Mosque of Gading Serpong

At 3 in the morning, I just finish doing book hunting in 24 hours-Big Bad Wolf, an annual book festival in ICE BSD Tangerang. Since it’s soon gonna be a morning prayer that we call as Subuh, I finally decide to look for a mosque near the venue. I remember there is an unique mosque in the area that should be interesting to visit. Without waiting any further, I finally go there, Asmaul Husna Mosque of Gading Serpong.

Another factor to get excited to go is because the design is made by fabulous architect Ridwan Kamil, yet a mayor of Bandung city (updated as Governor of West Java). It is my fifth mosque to visit designed by him after Menara 165 Mosque in Jakarta, Al Irsyad Mosque in Padalarang, Al Azhar Mosque in Bekasi, and Darussalam Mosque in Jakarta.

Again, for me his work is always impressive. His out-of-the-box style really attracts me to not only focus on praying here but also appreciate its art.

The design is unique in a first place because its main building is actually shaped by the composition of Asmaul Husna, the 99 good names of Allah. The arabic calligraphies of Asmaul Husna covers all part of the building in green ambiance.

Going inside, I see the design seems modest but modern. The ceiling is in fancy style of lines with hidden lamps in which there is a conspicuous star in the top of the front row making the atmosphere be more interesting.

Another unique thing to see here definitely is its minaret. Instead of using conventional minaret with a dome, it applies bamboo-like shape.

– April 29, 2017 –

2 thoughts on “Midnight with Asmaul Husna Mosque of Gading Serpong

  1. Thank you for sharing the info on this majestic mosque. Really worth a visit when I’ll be in Serpong one day. Not until now that I realized Menara 165 Mosque was designed by Ridwan Kamil himself. I had the opportunity to pray Ashar a few years back when I met a friend in the building. A chic mosque with quite a design indeed! I am expecting the Big Bad Wolf in Surabaya….


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