It’s All About Art in Al Irsyad Mosque Bandung

On my way to explore couple natural and archeological tourism sites in West Bandung, I decide to take a break a moment to take a prayer. I think I should go to that famous Al Irsyad Satya Mosque in Padalarang, Bandung Regency. It is popularly known by its non-conventional-Indonesian-mosque design created by architect Ridwan Kamil who is now the mayor of Bandung City (updated as the current West Java Governor).

Everytime I see something which is unsual, but contents artistic style, I’m always excited to explore more. Thus, I’m so excited to be finally here.

When you arrive this mosque complex inaugurated in 2010, soon you will notice it has cube shape without any dome. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, dome is so identical as part of mosque. The cube itself is inspired by the shape of the Kaaba in Mecca. The cube was composed by bricks which are also specially arranged to create a graphic of calligraphy on its exterior look.

Its interior will bring you to another story as well. It’s so both functional and philosophical. It doesn’t have any pillars which makes the room more spacious. It also also has 99 lamps which represent the 99 good names of Allah called as Asmaul Husna.

You know what.. this mosque has breathtaking unsual view. While we usually have wall as side to face in mosque, it has beautiful-nature-outdoor view. Yes, it is arranged with outdoor view so that people will see mountainous and green side of Bandung. It’s such creative concept, isn’t it.

Another unique thing is the place of imam (someone who leads prayer) is just directly next to area a fish pond. So imam is just like on floating zone. The water fountain sound from the pool, in fact, also creates much contemplative ambiance.

It also has a 3D calligraphy of Allah in the ball shape and it is placed near to imam position. I wonder that calligraphy looks like a smile emoticon anyway.

I feel so fulfilled to see these all elements. Its creative root which grows into a strong architecture really gives inspiration that spiritual matters can be experienced not only from literal prayer but also from the beautiful arts.

– February 2, 2016 –

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