Fish-Market-Traveling Experience at Muara Baru

Well, many people and media refer this new Muara Baru Fish Market as “Indonesia’s Tsukiji” due to its cleanliness and neat market management. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in Tsukiji market in Tokyo (I wasn’t able to wake up super early in the morning at that time to go), so I can’t make any comparison between these two fish markets. Thus, here I’ll only tell my impression of visiting the market which has official name Pasar Ikan Moderen (PIM) Muara Baru which I can say that’s so fun :).

The market itself is located in Penjaringan of North Jakarta which is relatively near to Tanjung Priuk Port. The project initiated by Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries was just officially opened for public by President Joko Widodo in March 13, 2019. Moreover, it’s managed by Perum Perindo (Indonesian Fisheries State Owned Company). This biggest fish market in Indonesia starts from the hope to develop Indonesian fishery to the next level. As maritime country with geographically 70% of its area is waters, Indonesia should have not only better regulation in maritime & fishing, but also providing proper fish market to serve national and international fish needs. There are 894 sellers of raw-sea-food material and 155 sellers of dried/cooked products.

Arriving in front of market, I don’t find a typical style of Indonesian traditional market in which generally we can see most sellers right we arrrive. I see modern-glass-square building which looks cleans and neat. I don’t see any sellers. In fact, it is only utilized as its office. In front of the building, there is also no activity related to fish dropping/delivery. I only see some kids playing around and biking which I can tell this new “free playground” for those kids makes the market atmosphere more lively.

That’s smart strategy to place market activity in the back part of the building. So, shoppers at the first place will not get stucked in the hustle & bustle of the market. It makes them more comfortable, doesn’t it! Even after entering the market area, spirit of comfort is still delivered for both sellers & shoppers.Sellers’s stalls are distributed properly in fair size. It aligns to neat aisles for people to walk around. I think the sanitation system and hygiene are the priority in making this market. I see in each stall, the used water won’t be stagnated since there is drain with filter cast which surrounds each stall. Fish-freezing-process management also becomes a concern as proven by the provision of cold storages. Therefore, fishes will stay fresh longer to distribute to customers.The other facilities to give more convenient for people there are special packing zone, waste water treatment plant, healthcare clinic, atm, meeting room, and proper mosque. Don’t forget to mention food court to experience sea food in another level.Located at the second floor of the market, Muara Baru’s food court offers two ways in enjoying seafoods. At first, consumers shop whatever they want to eat from the market and and then ask the restaurant in food court to cook them. Secondly, you just sit down and order menu provided like in any other restaurants. The first one should be more interesting since we know by ourselves what we want to eat and how fresh the materials are.This place is definitely heaven for seafood lovers. They can choose from shrimp, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, tuna, cob, skipjack, to milkfish. Interestingly, we can also find unfamiliar fishes with gigantic size. One of them is, as mentioned by a seller there, terang bulan fish. Mmm, anyway I actually don’t find that name when I google it. Do you know it?At last this fish market has a lot of potential to develop. Even, it is forecasted one of tourism spots in Jakarta, especially for night tourism. Yes, night tourism. Though, you can come anytime, the most hectic time is from 5 pm to midnight time when fishes are coming from port. It’s so interesting, right?! I can’t wait to come back to eat super fresh seafood there. Let’s go!

– March 23, 2019 –

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