Ramlie Musofa Mosque, A Little Taj Mahal in Jakarta

I’m so surprised to see this mosque which seems to “suddenly” appear. Actually, as a person working in North Jakarta, I often pass that Sunter southern lake area, but I never notice the building process of this mosque. Maybe because it’s located in the line of housing area, the building process seem unnoticeable by people passing by. In fact, it has been built since 2011.

For me, its architecture which reminds the main structure of Taj Mahal in India successfully attracts the attention of people to see. Meanwhile, Its white dominant color with its detail ornament definitely strengthens its resplendence. Its contrast look along the line of elite houses of Sunter also becomes its uniqueness.

Built and opened since since 2016 by Muslim Chinese-Indonesian known as Haji Ramlie Rasidin whose house near the mosque, it quickly become so popular. It is welcomed enthusiastically by many Jakartaneses to pray. In fact, most of the people who come there are not from its housing area.

It now becomes just like an Islamic tourism spot for many people like Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta or Golden-Dome (Kubah Emas) Mosque. People from other cities and even other counties have curiosity to visit the mosque, too.

The four-floors-full-of-windows mosque in 2,000 meter square land becomes more unique because it applies three kinds of languages either in information board or in Qoran verses applied on building which are Indonesian, Arabic, and Mandarin. Those three languages application can be see in left and right side of stairs to the main gate and in ablution room.

At the first time I came there, I brought my camera and just took some pictures, just like normal activities when I visit a new interesting place. However, in this second visit, I have to report to security officers that I bring camera and write the purpose I take photos. I don’t know why. Maybe, it is for the sake of security or to know whether the people coming with camera are from media or ordinary visitors.

For those who want to visit the mosque, this is the address :Ramli Mustofa MosqueDanau Sunter Raya Selatan Street Block 1/10, No 12C – 14 A, Suntsr Agung, Tanjung PriukAfter visiting the mosque, you may also see the big lake just right in front of it. The lake itself has been managed for tourism spot, as well.

– March 6, 2016 –

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