An Evening in the Garden of La Piazza

When I still lived in Kelapa Gading of North Jakarta, I visited Kelapa Gading Mall and La Piazza Mall quite often. It was one of nearest shopping places to my apartment. Though mall was not my priority place to hang out, for several times I got the chance to be in that malls for meeting or having dinner with friends since it’s popular meeting point in Kelapa Gading.

Talking specifically about La Piazza, I could tell that it was a nice place. Having characteristic as plaza, as represented by its named meaning plaza, La Piazza has a spacious outdoor public space. It had a main stage which regularly performed various kinds of music.

Related to my work, for couple times, I rented the stage for my company’s events. Generally partipants of my events who come from all over Indonesia liked the atmosphere. They could enjoy dinner while enjoying the music performance comfortably.

However, time by time, La Piazza seemed to be miserable. When I went there, I saw it was not that crowded anymore. Many tenants start to leave. I didn’t know the exact reason. Some said it was because of La Piazza would be utilized as office center and apartement so the developer just let it be that way. Some said it was just not interesting anymore.

I also thought that the process of LRT and Jakarta inner ring road project impacted for that mall and other shops surrounding. People tended to avoid project location due to the hustle and bustle of those infrastructure projects, traffic, and bumpy broken road. Even though those infrastructure projects would give a lot of benefit for the future, currently they forced businesses activities to get a little bit slowdown for a moment.

However, I am surprised now seeing a new color of La Piazza since it builds a new installation named the Garden of La Piazza.

I think its developer starts to realize that malls will have difficulty to survive when they only rely on customers’ shopping activities. Today, with more choices of places to shops including mini markets which are relatively so near from home and not to mention massive new online shopping providers, malls need to redesign their conventional concept.

After Aeon Mall who already applies customers’ experience as focus to deveolop, La Piazza starts to implement that strategy, too. Ya, today mall has to be about experience. Experience will lead people to come. Furthermore, there will be more possibilty of shopping activities.

The Garden of La Piazza bit reminds me to concept applied in Nabana No Sato Winter Illumination Park in Japan. The area is designed with lamps, garden, plants, and many other hanging home accessories. This is so intagrammable and can be alternative for those who like to do creative selfie or photo hunting. In fact, it successfully attracts people to come and experience it.

Beyond its marketing strategy, this mall’s process of creativity inspires me that everyone has to be ready with change for the sake of survival. No kidding, being able to adapt and be agile in this current dynamics situation is somehow the key of success.

A Garden of La Piazza may be a little example on how we have to stay creative to always stand out and win the crowd.

– June 2, 2018 –

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