Breathtaking Hidden Beauty of Aceh Named Pucok Krueng

For traveling, I prefer more to visit authentic places having strong local value. Even though I don’t mind visiting touristy “mainstream” places, I would be happier to see unexplored or unique unpopular places at the first place.

Indeed, my friends from Medan who travel together with me in Aceh – Yana, Zami, and Iman – know so well about my favorite type of traveling. In fact, they recommend me to go together to Pucok Krueng that they call as the breathtaking hidden beauty of Aceh.

Knowing from them this place is generally still unexplored by many people and has picturesque view, I’m so excited and quickly say yes to their recommendation.

For going there, we also ask our native Aceh friends to accompany us. They are Asnawi and Fauzi. So, I’m sure it’s gonna be cool trip since I can also get much information from them who suppose to know more about Pucok Krueng.

Pucok Krueng whose literal meaning of the tip river is located in Lhoknga, Aceh Besar. It is disembouged to river in Lamno of Aceh Jaya. Though it is located only about one hour from the city center of Aceh, in fact Pucok Krueng is not easy to reach.

For reaching it, after passing around 30 minutes with normal paved road, it is still continued by passing around 30 minutes with bumpy roads. Thus, car condition as well as the driver must be tough to pass through the rocky land in the middle of the jungle. Moreover, at least one person has to know the exact location of Pucok Krueng for avoiding getting lost.

Even my friends also scare me that we may get threatened by people who live in the jungle. They may stop us and rob our property. Well, I need to clarify it more. I think they must be joking, don’t they! Thankfully, so far so good, nothing bad happen to us.

After reaching our destination, my first impression is that I feel my breath is taken away. That is so beautiful!

Definitely, its hidden location is its primary charm. Its turquoise water color is magical. The color blends perfectly with the nuance of water serenity. It gives us calming effect.

The flying busy bats with the background of sturdy walls of cave strengthens the character of its place. The old big green trees around also give shady and fresh ambiance at the same time.

Wanna relieve your stress? Maybe jumping from 20-meters cliff can help you to forget your problem of life haha. Or maybe you just want to chill? Swimming and leaning back on the big rocks with silence maybe help you to feel relaxed. Moreover, Pucok Krueng which is generally not crowded also make us more comfortable to explore and stay longer there.

Pucok Krueng definitely one of my most memorable places due to its authenticity and uniqueness. It’s truly a treasure of Aceh. Thus, hopefully it can (still) be preserved well at the moment when it starts to gain its popularity and attracts more and more visitors.

– August 11, 2018 –

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