Ulul Albab Mosque, A Hidden Gem in Bekasi

Ramadan is a very good time for me to visit Islamic-theme places that I haven’t visited before. Visiting mosques can be one of interesting activities to do.

Looking for idea which mosque to visit, and of course to pray too, while I am on my way from Bekasi Train Station, I remember there is a mosque that I haven’t gone to near that station.

Located in the back area of Bhayangkara University Jakarta Raya (Ubhara) in Perjuangan Street of North Bekasi, Ulul Albab Mosque at the first place for me seems not reachable for public. The broken road condition to access this place also makes it seems not comfortable to go. However, the grand size and architecture of the mosque that I can see from a distance really tempt me to have a visit and have a prayer there.

After asking permission from security and passing automatic parking system, I can go to the mosque. In fact, it can be accessed for public.

After seeing it closely, I become more impressed with this mosque. With ornament of the real date tree (pohon kurma) and its position in the middle of empty spacious green area of the campus, the mosque looks stunning. The sound of the birds and covert sound of motor bikes/cars even makes it more soothing. Then, I know the reason why this 600-meter-square mosque is placed in the back part of the university.

Moreover, another interesting to see is the ray of sunlight which passes through hollow-patterned-ornament window. Indeed, it makes the atmosphere is more pacifying.

The mosque with attractive interior design was firstly opened in 2017 by Brata Bhakti, a Foundation affiliating with Indonesian police.

Since I come to this place in afternoon during weekend , not in daily hectic schedule of campus life, I find this mosque is so tranquil. I find a peace and have a very comfortable serene moment to pray.

Currently, there is a new property project which is built next to the university and mosque. Fortunately, that spacious housing area named Burgundy by Summarecon is built parallely with the repairment of the road. Thus, the access to the mosque will be more comfortable. Hopefully after the housing area is ready, there will be more people coming to that mosque.

Do you have any other recommendation of mosques to visit? Please kindly give comment below šŸ™‚

– May 20, 2018 –

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